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Superior General, Mother Beata Chwistek

Superior General, Mother Beata Chwistek

The Superior General of the Little Servants of Mary Immaculate Sisters, Mother Beata Chwistek, has expressed deep gratitude to the outgoing Provincial Superior.

In her speech during the colorful installation ceremony at Kasisi Retreat Centre in Lusaka, Mother Beata commended the outgoing Provincial Superior, Rev. Sr. Mary Anne Katiti for her tremendous dedication in accomplishing many things for the Charles Lwanga Province.

“Mother Mary Anne, thank you for all you have done for Charles Lwanga Province. The province has grown in number of sisters joining the congregation and in number of communities. I hope that God will reward you for what you have done for the congregation in Africa”, she said.

“You prioritized prayer as your number one, praying for the entire congregation and very often you were sending us the information about what was going on in the province and you also liked the goodness of each sister. Thank you for your hard work, thank you for remaining focused until up to this time that you are gracefully handing over the office”, she added.

Sr. Mary Anne Katiti, outgoing provincial superior

Sr. Mary Anne Katiti, outgoing provincial superior

The Superior General also thanked the council members for working as a team and for the support they rendered to Sr. Katiti.

She wished the incoming Provincial Superior to follow the footsteps of her predecessor. “Mother Sylvia, I wish you that you will really be following what sister has done here in the history of this province. Sister, it is so nice to see so many sisters in the province. Province is growing and it needs people who will support it to grow”, she said.

Addressing the sisters, the outgoing Provincial Superior, thanked the Superior General and the general council members for the cooperation and help rendered to her during the term of office. “Rev. Mother General, thank you for entrusting this responsibility on me and at the same time for placing your trust and your confidence in my abilities since the time I assumed this position.

She expressed gratitude to the provincial council members who worked tirelessly with her for the past nine years. In addition, she thanked all the sisters who were very supportive to the programs and functions of the province. “Sisters thank and continue with the same spirit”.

Sr. Mary Anne adds: “I have to acknowledge my dear sisters that this journey was not a bed of roses or a dish of sweets but with God’s help I had the courage to forge ahead, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race”.

Sr. Katiti asked for pardon for all the sisters she offended during her term of office and she asked the sisters to pray for the new Provincial Superior.

“My sisters, let us pray for our Provincial Superior everyday. Her main duty is to make us women of prayer. To you Mother Sylvia, I want to assure you, I will be your praying partner, I will pray for you everyday because I know that without prayer it will not be easy for you”.

Addressing the same congregation, the incoming Provincial Superior thanked the Superior General and the councilors for specifically coming to witness the occasion and also for thinking of them and for having confidence in them.
Sr. Kagulura commended the outgoing Provincial Superior for the inspiration she gave and for working extremely hard for the congregation. She too apologized on behalf of the sisters.

Sr. Mary Anne handing over power “I was in authority, I am giving my light to sister (Mother) my authority has diminished, her authority goes on”.

Sr. Mary Anne handing over power
“I was in authority, I am giving my light to sister (Mother) my authority has diminished, her authority goes on”.

“Just like human we are, I am sure we also stepped on your toes. They were certain times I am sure we smiled with you, we danced with you, we know you as a singer, as a conductor, as a dancer but for you to journey through all these nine years there were difficulty moments which we know you could have been crying alone and we were not there. We pray that God will be there to heal you, will be there to give you more blessings for all those moments that you cried but bring much more joy in your heart and a lot of peace”, she said.

In addition, she asked Sr. Mary Anne not to close the door. “Mother, as you are going out, don’t close your door. Know that we are still in need of your guidance as our mother; know that we will call upon you. Be assured of our prayers and always know that we will think of you”.

The Little Servants of Mary Immaculate Sisters (LSMI) is an international congregation found in Africa, America, Europe and Asia. Charles Lwanga Province has a total number of two hundred and ten sisters (210) with thirty (30) communities found in Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. Since 2005 to 2014, one hundred and two (102) members have joined the congregation in this province.