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SONY DSCAt least thirty pupils drawn from different classes of St. Edmund’s Primary School in Matero, Zambia have undergone a day training course in Gender Based Violence (GBV).

Facilitator of the training, Likumbi Ntumba an inspector at Matero Police Station and Community Services Directorate Coordinator said he decided to give training to Schools because a lot of abuses are coming up now in schools and even the community.

“I decided to do so because we thought maybe when we sensitize school children when they go back into various homes they will inform parents and the parents will inform others then it will cage the schedule of the GBV and even child defilements and other child related offences,” he said.

He added that arresting only is taking us nowhere because we are not changing the mindset of people.

“It’s better we change the mindset of people then as we change the mindset of them they will come to understand the law because to take a person into custody for 18 years imprisonment, when this person comes back will be vital to be a very vicious criminal,” he explained.

He said most cases are not even reported. “I must say that sometime back we used to arrest but people were not sentenced to 15 years and above but the offences were not   coming out and reports were not coming up but nowadays despite of the sentence going up it has become so rampart that now it is known all over.  It’s like we have created the space of the people to start raping or defile, that’s why we are saying its better we sensitize even the community”.

Mr. Lizubuho Musiwa, a grade six teacher said the workshop was exciting and it dwelt on different forms of child abuse ranging from physical, sexual, emotional, and he classified them into many different forms the commonest being sexual abuse and defilement.

(I was very impressed with the way the facilitator handled the children. It was exciting to see boys and girls asking questions and bringing out issues that we never expected,” he said.

Hassan Bwalya grade six pupil said he has learn’t a lot about child abuse. Hence, he made an appeal to parents to stop abusing young ones.

“Parent must stop abusing their children because it’s their own blood. To my fellow young ones I advise them to say no to this type of things”.

Hassan Bwalya (Lt), Chimwemwe Phiri (Rt)

Hassan Bwalya (Lt), Chimwemwe Phiri (Rt)

Adding her voice was Chimwemwe Phiri, grade five. She said “children are mistreated, they are given hard things that they cannot manage to do at home and their parents abuse them, sleep with them, and have sex with them. She asked parents to respect their children and to teach them good manners so that when they grow up they’ll even be more knowledgeable than them,” she said.

She added that some people think children are toys so they cannot get pregnant easily and they cannot do something that is very impossible!

“By abusing the children they are destroying their minds, they can’t even concentrate at school and some become pregnant at an early age and end up going in the street,” she said.

The head teacher, Sr. Beatrice Mumba said “Strategically as an institution we now need to sit down and network well with the victim support unity either by coming up with various strategic clubs that will benefit this duty and mandate it so that we can see these issues that are coming or dominating from different homes and see how best we can handle them.”

The workshop was sponsored by the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) under the program, Strengthening Capacity of Religious Women in Early Childhood Development (SCORECD).