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Since the time of its foundation our congregation has considered the chief characteristics of its spirituality in living daily the evangelical law of an exclusive love of God and love of neighbour manifested in a serving attitude towards the needy, following in this Christ’s example.

In this service of love we also follow the example of the most humble Handmaid of the Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who – out of all persons wholly dedicated to God – is most perfect consecrated. In her “Fiat” and “Magnificat” the religious life finds the fulness of its abandonment to God and an impulse of joy prompting to imitation.

Meditating with childlike love on the mysteries of our Lady’s life we shall form in ourselves her attitudes, asking her intercession with God. We should promote devotion to our Blessed Mother in the faithful so that she may be known and loved everywhere.

Captivated by the Immaculate Virgin we strive to foster the virtue of Chastity with special care. This virtue should be the most beautiful adornment of the little servants sisters living in the world, devoted to prayer and work. By this virtue we are to manifest the power of God’s love to all people and add radiance to Christ’s Church.

Humility and love for work are also characteristic marks of our spirituality. Jesus Christ, meek and humble of heart, is always for us the perfect model of serving others with goodness, sincerity and simplicity.

Our Father Founder gave the virtue of simplicity the first place in the life of his little servants. He saw in it the pledge of God’s blessing and fruitfulness of his congregation’s apostolic works: “What I have been recomending all along, I repeat today: first of all, I recommend simplicity; as long as it is fostered in the congregation, the blessing of God will abide in it” (our Founder’s Last Will).

We should deride strength for persevering in fidelity to God and serving the needy from the Holy Eucharist. It is here, in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that we, as little servants, have before us the beautiful example of Christ’s devoted self-giving and service to all men. In the Holy Eucharist we unite the sacrifice of our lives devoted to service to Christ’s own sacrifice and service.

The solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Dec. 8th is celebrated as a special Feast of the title of our congregation. Saint Joseph, our Lady’s Spouse, is also a special Protector of our congregation. The motto of our congregation is: “Through Mary to Jesus”