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St. Charles Lwanga Feast Celebrated in style

Play of the Martyrs of Uganda by -Kasisi Girls

Play of the Martyrs of Uganda by -Kasisi Girls

The Little Servants of Mary Immaculate (LSMI) Congregation celebrated the Feast of their Patron Saint (St. Charles Lwanga) in Africa Province, held at Kasisi Secondary School inLusaka, Zambia.

The ceremony, whose highlights were Eucharistic celebration, poems, songs, plays and dances was attended by LSMI Sisters from within Zambia, priests, pupils, teachers and parishioners of Kasisi parish.

The Provincial Superior of Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia, Sister Sylvia Kagulura began her speech by thanking everyone for being in attendance and making the occasion possible.

She said “It has always been our wish for our pupils and teachers in our schools to work in collaboration and come together for academic and social event and even celebrate religious occasion as this one today”.

Provincial Superior, Sr. Sylvia Kagulura (Rt) and Assistant P. Superior, Sr. Exildah Kabaso (Middle)

Provincial Superior, Sr. Sylvia Kagulura (Rt) and Assistant P. Superior, Sr. Exildah Kabaso (Middle)

She added, “St Charles Lwanga feast is celebrated in this manner and from this year we shall add annual event and you have to add this one on your calendars and prepare very well because in future we intend to even award the best schools for best performance”.

The Assistant Provincial Superior, Sr. Exildah Kabaso said we came together as a family led by the Little Servants of Mary Immaculate Sisters who thought of including you the teachers and the pupils in this celebration with the aim of uniting our family together and as a way of getting back to the roots and tap the energy that we need to go forward with our Christian faith.

“I think our aim has been achieved, the aim of coming together as a family, the aim of revamping our Christian faith and our commitment to a good life and from the sketches, the poems, and the songs that you have played; I think we had a lot of encouraging messages which I would like you to take as you go home. The message of joy, the message of faith and the message of endurance for our parents, our communities and all the people that we are going to meet,” she said.

Ms. Martha Phiri, Deputy Head teacher - Kasisi Girls

Ms. Martha Phiri, Deputy Head teacher – Kasisi Girls

The Deputy Head Teacher, Ms. Martha Phiri thanked her fellow teachers for the work they are doing in various schools and asked them to be even more committed.

“I implore you to be very committed to your work because it is the hard work that is going to yield good results and it’s not all about academics we are talking about the moral integrity of the children that we are raising; let us try by all means to nature them into being good citizens, she said.

Ms. Phiri further said, “I for one I would feel proud if at national level all our schools would just follow each other, maybe we would have katondwe top in the list, seconded by Kasisi, then Lwitikila and it goes on just like that maybe amongst the top most schools.”

In his homily, Fr. Philip Phiri, DP congratulated the Little Servants of Mary Immaculate Sisters for the outstanding service given to the institutions of St. Charles Lwanga province in areas of education, health and pastoral.

Fr. Philip Phiri, DP

Fr. Philip Phiri, DP

He urged the sisters to always stand by what is right to enable them inherit the kingdom of God like the martyrs of Uganda.

“A number of people may not say thank you sometimes and some parents of these children also will just insult you and call you names but always remember to do the right thing,” he said.

LSMI Sisters serve the people most in need of spiritual, material help, especially the children, the poor, the sick and the elderly.

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