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Juniorate is the next formative stage after the novitiate and it lasts the whole period of the temporary profession. The basic goal of the juniorate is to further the formation of the young professed sisters under the religious, apostolic and educational- professional aspects. At the same time there should be continual growth of the dynamic grace of her vocation. Superiors shall strive to provide each sister with an appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge in accord with her abilities, needs of our congregation and the demands of the Church.

The juniorate should direct the sister to a deepening of her interior life and to an appropriate degree of maturity. With the enlightened guidance of superiors together with the formation personnel and concern of the entire community, but especially her own cooperation with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the young little servant should come out of her juniorate a well formed religious with a mature personality, capable of initiative and prudent decisions, trained to collaboration with others. She should also be a person of strong convictions and faithful to the duties of her chosen way of life.