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Vocation to the religious life is a gift of God, who also has granted a free will to each soul. Acceptance and development of this gift of vocation depends on cooperation with God’s grace on the part of the person called, as also on the entire Christian society in which she lives: her family, parish and school. Sisters can play an important role here, because by prayer, discreet advice and an authentic life dedicated to God they encourage young people to embrace the evangelical counsels.

Requirements for Entrance:

A candidate who requests admission to our congregation should submit to the major superior the following documents:

  1. written petition requesting admittance to our congregation,
  2. a handwritten autobiography,
  3. Full Secondary School Certificate and those of courses completed,
  4. references from her employer- if she was working professionally,
  5. catholic in good standing,
  6. a medical certificate regarding her state of health in general together with the results of the tests,
  7. written permission of her parents or at least one of them if she has not yet completed her eighteenth year of age,
  8. written information from the major superior of the religious institute if the candidate was there,
  9. written information from the parish priest, secondary school/ higher institution and small Christian communities,
  10. Certificate of baptism, date of Holy Communion and a note of her being unmarried
  11. Certificate of confirmation
  12. Birth certificate