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SONY DSCThe Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Zambia has commended the Little Servants of Mary Immaculate Sisters (LSMI) for being the first religious congregation to be trained in self institution assessment using the Holistic and Organizational Capacity Assessment Instrument (HOCAI).

The partnership Manager at CRS in Zambia Mr. Peter Safeli made the remarks during a seminar with the LSMI leaders of various institutions at Kasisi Retreat Centre in Lusaka.

“I’ve been facilitating this type of workshops in other dioceses and other institutions but I must say that this is the first time a religious congregation has invited CRS to come and facilitate the self institution assessment with the aim of trying to evaluate where they are coming from, where they are and where they want to go,” he said.

Mr. Safeli said he had high expectations from the sisters who attended the workshop.

“My expectations are that the sisters who have attended this particular workshop will come up with doable action plans for one year and this action plans will also be linked to current strategic plan and this will help them to think through the things that they want to do”, also as they have already assessed their strength and have identified their weaknesses and so they have known the areas where they want to improve”.

He said the sisters have gotten the skills and the tool, the knowledge that they’ll be able to replicate the same self assessment in their institutions either hospital or schools or communities and they will be able to improve their well being as well as reach their intended goal and mission.SONY DSC

Mr. Peter Safeli appreciated the enthusiasm, the commitment and the dedication that the sisters who attended the workshop shown which he said, was an encouragement on his part and also a positive response to CRS.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Superior, Sister Sylvia Kagulura concurred with Mr. Safeli that there was great participation and that everyone was open to contribute.

The Provincial thanked Mr. Safeli and CRS as a whole for being available to facilitate for the sisters and she assured CRS to implement what they learnt.

Speaking on behalf of the participants, Sr. Jane Kaputa said the workshop was an eye opener for them. Looking at the capacity assessment areas that we have learnt for sure we hope to do better and we are promising one day we will call you to say this is what we have done and we hope not to disappoint you, we hope to do better,” she assured.