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Remain united, Bishop Mulenga advises Lwitikila Girls Secondary school members

Bishop Justin Mulenga

The Catholic Bishop of Mpika Diocese, Right Rev. Justin Mulenga, has advised teachers of Lwitikila Girls Secondary school to remain united, as they continue to perform various duties.

Bishop Mulenga gave the charge in his speech at St. Charles Lwanga Hall on Sunday, during the celebration commemorating St. Charles Lwanga and companions, the martyrs of Uganda.

The bishop began his speech by citing some examples of the ants and bees to demonstrate the importance of unity, solidarity and working together as a team.

He said; “The honey comes from collective work, collective effort and all of us enjoy that honey especially those with high blood pressure”.

He added; “You see that nowadays, people use an ant hill to make a garden because the hill is fertile.”

The bishop also looked at the examples of the Holy Trinity and the Holy Family,  “Both the holy trinity and the holy family make a perfect unity that comes with strengh and of course scorn”.

“You people you have so many examples of institutions of unity, Emmulate them, imitate them, try to be that. Remain united because when you do that you will be able to withstand any external pressure”.

Bishop Mulenga urged them to remain united and promised to continue praying for unity in the community, “I will be praying, maybe more less like our Lord prayed but until you continue to be one. I will pray that in my humble way and from that unity will come tremendous achievements.

Sr. Clementina Phiri,LSMI
Head Teacher

Meanwhile, the headteacher, Sr. Clementina Phiri in her speech thanked his Lordship, Bishop Justin Mulenga for his presence and the word of encouragement on team work.

Sr. Clementina highligted that the school is not only known for its academic excellence but also for its spiritual upbringing of the pupils.“The school is rooted in its faith of the church. This is enshrined in our vision which states, the school aims at the highest degree of excellence in the holistic formation of the child in this way to embrace our mission and values and our vision,” she said.

She addded “As Little Servants of Mary Immaculate Sisters, we are grateful that you gave us the task of taking care of this school, we take plight in it  and our desire is that it remains an oasis of holistic formation of young people”.

Sr. Clementina assured the bishop that Lwitikila Girls Secondary school will remain a school of choice for many years near and far.