SONY DSCArchbishop Telesphore George Mpundu has called upon the priests, religious men and women and the lay faithful to emulate the life and stewardship of late Rev. Sister Mary Pauline Catherine Mumba who during her life endeavored to fulfill her call and deepened her faith in prayer and charity. Sister Pauline, 79, died at Kasisi Provincial House Monday and was laid to rest Wednesday June 15 2016 at Kasisi Cemetery in Chongwe District where eulogies un veiled that the late Sister was a peaceful personality  who acted as a universal pillar.

In his homily, Archbishop Mpundu who is also the Zambia Episcopal Conference President described the late Sister Mumba as not only a pillar for the Little Servants of Mary Immaculate but the Church as a whole, thanking God for the woman who lived her religious life to the word, encouraging sisters, family members and parishioners to pray.

The Archbishop urged the young consecrated women to cherish their senior sisters when they are alive, “Don’t wait until they are dead and then you start dancing around them. You cherish them before they die to know that it is good to belong to this religious family and to belong to the Holy Catholic Church”.

Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu on behalf of the bishops conference of Zambia expressed gratitude to the Church in Zambia and throughout eastern Africa for doing difficult and challenging job for the marginalized.SONY DSC

“You can imagine a Church without women religious, it wouldn’t be there. You are found where not even a bishop, a priest or a deacon can be… Please be assured of this gratitude for the other wings of the church the clergy and the lay faithful,” he said.

Archbishop Mpundu celebrated Requiem Mass June 15 for late Sister Pauline Mumba at Kasisi Mission in Lusaka Archdiocese.

In her eulogy, the Little Servants of Mary Immaculate Provincial Superior, Sister Sylvia Kagulura said Sister Pauline Mumba was a very prayerful person and ever in the chapel. She took her spiritual exercise seriously; she had set aside Tuesday morning for mass with parishioners other than the usual one which she had at 06.15 a.m.

The Provincial Superior added that Sister Pauline was one of those who endured pain and suffering, very obedient and flexible and ready to go wherever her services were needed even in difficult and hot areas like Ching’ombe and Katondwe.

“Sister Mumba served God and the Church unwaveringly, and I urge fellow LSMI Sisters not to stop remembering her good works but rather emulate her life and stewardship, “Let us remember Sr. Pauline for her peaceful life, her love for religious life and her faithfulness in living it,” she said.

Sister Kagulura thanked the family of Sister Pauline for giving their child to the Church. “Thank you for a peaceful soul you gave us, thank you for all your gestures of showing that you are really part of this family of blessed Edmund. We hope this day does not send you away but remain part of us.SONY DSC

The provincial Superior thanked the Kasisi community for the love they showed to Sr. Pauline especially during the time sister became weak. “Sisters continue with the same spirit”.

Addressing the Little Servants of Mary, Sister Kagulura said, “Little Servants my sisters, what we are celebrating today is a feast; it’s remarkable; it’s wonderful to die in the Lord. We cannot forget to say we have celebrated the life of Sr. Pauline and we need to make it remarkable for the family spirit that you have shown. You have left all and come so that you could bid farewell to sister. It has been beautiful to see a lot of you coming from far places. It has been beautiful to see each one of you taking part to ensure that sister goes with a smile that we experienced when she was living”.

The Provincial also addressed Sister Pauline Mumba, “I believe she is listening and I know she is alive! Sister Pauline, congratulations! You have persevered in your calling, intercede for us to God that we may remain good little Servants and that we receive good and fervent vocations. May Your Soul Rest in Peace”.

Mr. Yalabi - Family member

Mr. Yalabi – Family member

Speaking during condolence speeches, a representative from the family, Mr. Yalabi described the demise of their sister as a big blow to the entire family.

He said Sister Pauline was peaceful and supportive to the family as she was spiritual and social pillar to the family. “I remember just about a month ago she came home and she stayed there for a week and one thing she observed was that we were not having evening prayers so she just passed a comment to say I don’t see you praying after dinner and we thought this was good and definitely we started praying and we have continued to do this,” he recalled.

He thanked the LSMI for their love towards Sister Pauline, “You have shown how much you loved and cared for our sister. Sr. Pauline has lived with the Little Servants of Mary Immaculate throughout her life and we have seen the fruits of her works during her life”.

Sister Pauline Mumba passed on in the early hours of Monday 13 June, 2016 at Kasisi Provincial House, at the age of 79.

Sister Mumba was born in 1937 and joined religious life in, 1951.

Sr. Mumba served in many places and has lived at Kasisi Provincial House from 2006 until her death.