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Blessed Edmund Bojanowski, born on 14th November, 1814 was Polish and of noble birth. Reared in a deeply religious family, he became a great patriot, educator, writer and lay apostle of the people of Poland.

Though physically never robust, spiritually he became a tower of strength for the child, the poor and sick of his time. He endeavoured to use his talents and spiritual gifts to the utmost to help preserve religious, social and human values in Poland – a country then divided by foreign powers.

His clear accurate vision – and his generous response to these, led to his undertakings educational endeavours and ultimately to the founding of the Congregation on May 3, 1850. He stands as a unique model for the laity in the Church of the twenty-first century. Neither a bishop nor a priest, he founded a Religious Congregation for women – a thing unheard of in his times. God’s ways are not ours! His charism – care for the poor and the sick upholding the dignity of women is equally relevant and urgent needed in Zambia today.

He died in Poland near Leszno on 7th August, 1871 and was beatified on 13th June, 1999 by Pope John Paul II. ‘Father’ Bojanowski’s feast day is 7 August.



  1. Commitment to spiritual life.
  2. Vowed life – being exemplary in all areas of our consecrated life.
  3. Simplicity – we strive to live a simple life.
  4. Community living – we create an environment which needs always to strive to be more inclusive despite our different cultural background.
  5. Formation – commitment to in depth initial and ongoing formation.
  6. Apostolate – we are committed and sensitive to work of charity to people in need.
  7. Commitment to work – we are committed and sensitive to work as a team with spiritual influence.
  8. Appreciation of another – we strive to affirm and encourage one another in exhibiting one’s giftedness.
  9. Hospitality and a welcoming spirit – we are committed to building and fostering a sense of belonging.
  10. Pro-life witnesses – we shall respect and defend human life from conception to natural death.
  11. Collaborative Governance – we are committed to encouraging initiative and participation at all levels.
  12. Accountability and Transparency – we are committed to prudent stewardship of resources at all levels in our Province and the people we serve.
  13. Ensuring training and upgrading of sisters in different professions
  14. Embarking on self-sustainability and Resource Mobilisation Activity to support St. Charles Lwanga Province.


“Consecrated Empowered persons to attain the fullness of Human and Christian Life towards God’s Kingdom.”



“The Little Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary Conceived Immaculate, out of exclusive love of God and following the example of Jesus Christ shall serve neighbor who is in need, taking upon themselves holistic upbringing of children and youth, works of charity for the poor and the sick as well as other forms of apostolic assistance in accordance with the original spirit and current needs of the church.”