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The Little Servants of Mary Immaculate Sisters (LSMI) regrets to announce the death of Sister Zofia Chrzastek.

Sister Zofia Chrzastek passed on in the evening hours of Friday 21st October, 2016 in Poland, at the age of 62.

Sister Zofia was born in 1954 and joined sisterhood in 1973 and has served the Church as a religious sister in many places for 43 years.

Requiem Mass will be today (Tuesday) 25th October, 2016, at Kasisi starting from 13.30 p.m. This is the time that our dear Sr. Zofia will be put to rest in Poland.

We shall remember our joyful, hardworking and peaceful sister. We shall miss her!

We thank God for her gift to the congregation and the Church in Zambia.

May Her Soul Rest in Peace

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  • Sr. Angela Given Mwimbe

    says on:
    October 26, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    Indeed the late Sr. Zofia Chrzastek, was a real reflection of a true little servant. Yes she was very hardworking, and pretty gifted in many facets. What has stuck with me about her is her spirit to endure pain. I noted this when I replaced Sr. Jane Bwalya at Kasisi children’s home for about a month. A number of times I observed her (Sr. Zofia’s) face significantly flushed ( very Red) , from the nurse’s perspective I knew she was in pain – hurting. When I asked her if something was wrong, just to confirm my observation, her answer was ” nothing serious I can endure. I have terrible pain, I ache all over”. She would then go away and continue to work. She took pain medication very seldom, even though the medicine for pain was readily available. She masked her physical pain with a genuine smile. I will miss Sr Zofia dearly. May Her Soul Rest in Eternal Peace, Amen. My heartfelt condolences to mother General Beata, mother Sylvia, and the entire province of St. Charles Lwanga as we continue to escort Sr. Zofia back home to God, with our prayers. “For those who believe life is changed, not ended by death…” The quotation goes.

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